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Cover » Ten drags will compete on in the festival of San Lorenzo 2024

Ten drags will compete on in the festival of San Lorenzo 2024

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, July 3, 2024 – less than a month of the official start of the holidays, the town of San Lorenzo is immersed in preparations to celebrate their most anticipated event: the Gala Drag Queen 2024. This holiday, recognized as the most important and expected during the summer period in the capital of gran canaria, has already begun to warm up with the realization of the draw order of participation, carried out this Wednesday.

The draw, which was attended by the president of the holidays, Jose Garcia, the vice president Help Guzmán and the director of the gala, Simon Urban, determined the order of performance of the ten participants enrolled prior to the close of the period on the 21st of June. The order was established in the following way:

  1. Drag Orion
  2. Drag Ádria
  3. Drag Nemesis
  4. Drag On
  5. Drag Kálik
  6. Drag Hephaestus
  7. Drag Sólsticix
  8. Drag Owen
  9. Drag Sequins
  10. Drag Inkill

Each of the participants will have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to showcase their talent, creativity and staging transgressive, with the goal of convincing the jury and win the coveted prize. This year, the awards consist of 650 euros for the winner, and 350 and 200 euros for the first and second ranked, respectively.

The Drag Queen Gala, which attracts more than 3,000 people, will be held on Friday, August 2, in the emblematic Plaza de San Lorenzo. This event promises to be a night full of spectacle, colour and fun, consolidating its position as one of the highlights of the summer in Gran Canaria.

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