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Las fiestas congregan en San Lorenzo a más de 35.000 personas durante sus actos

-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, August 20, 2023- Despite the suspension of the Great Burning of Fireworks and Voladores Volcano, the highlight of the San Lorenzo Fiestas, the events brought together more than 35,000 people between the 29th July and August 15. They once again had a resounding success in terms of participation, organization and quality, something that always characterizes these capital festivities, and which honors the status of a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, which demonstrates and justifies a dedicated town before and during these celebrations, with a Town Hall from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a Festival Committee dedicated in body and soul.

The most massive acts were the Drag Queen Gala, the Night of Humor, the Latin Night, the Verbena del Solajero and the concerts by Karma, Los 600, El Vega Life and Los Coquillos. Other acts such as the recovery of the Ofrenda Pilgrimage, which was widely accepted due to the changes made, and the Los Gofiones concert were also a great success. Events without notable incidents, with a magnificent display of security and cleanliness during the 18 days of festivities, and the latter since the month of May.

All this thanks to the work and commitment, as said before, of the Luga de Lugarejo Festival Commission and Neighborhood Association together with all the municipal services of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, especially the Department of the Tamaraceite-San Lorenzo-District. Tenoya, the Territorial Coordination, Tourism and Cleaning areas; the collaboration of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, through the Presidency and Tourism, the Government of the Canary Islands, the Tasate Cultural Association and the Parish of San Lorenzo, with an important and fundamental religious program.

All of this was also reflected on the digital platforms (web, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube), which also played a fundamental role in information, promotion and dissemination of the festivities, with up-to-date and well-designed publications, with an original aesthetic and Exemplary, at the height of what they are, designed by Daniel Rivero, who also made the poster, the program, the triptychs in Spanish and English and the adaptations to the digital billboards and templates worn by the Municipal and Global buses. These publications accumulated more than 201,590 visits, with 80,540 interactions, 269,701 impressions and more than 121,550 reproductions, without adding the reach

There is no doubt that the Fiestas de San Lorenzo have always been great parties, and it proves it every year. The Laurentian pride that is also a Las Palmas pride. Now it's time to wait until 2024, and who knows if it's not before. 

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